It’s Another All Korean Grand Final at Worlds

Today wasn’t quite the treat we received yesterday when it came to the SKT T1 vs Rox Tigers match, but it was the last chance for another region to represent themselves at Worlds.

Continuing the trend that’s been Worlds, Samsung Galaxy absolutely decimated H2K in their three matches. The third match was so lopsided that Samsung actually just hung around the H2K and danced for a little bit before ending it. H2K’s Jankos was about the only player on the squad that was having a decent day, but couldn’t do anything to keep his lanes ahead even after giving them a great start.

So with Samsung’s amazing play we now have our Grand Final and it’s an all Korean affair once again. SKT T1 will be taking on Samsung Galaxy in what will likely be another lopsided match. Samsung has been playing extremely well this whole tournament, but they haven’t had the the best of time when they play SKT. This last split they actually lost both games against the group and didn’t win a match. Though the odds are definitely against them they are undefeated since the second week of the group stages so anything could happen.

SKT T1 have a chance at being the first team to win three championships and the first team to win back to back championships. Samsung  can be the second organization to win two championships if they can pull off the upset, but this isn’t the Samsung team that that won in season four. They are very far removed from that dominant team.

SKT T1 take on Samsung Galaxy for the League of Legends World Championship Oct. 29 at 6:30 p.m. You can catch all the action here.