It’s No Longer A Meme, EA Confirm New Skate Game is Coming

In the usual tradition of “one more thing”-type announcements, EA left it until the very end to deliver a sizeable bombshell during today’s EA Play presentation. And if you’ve been keeping track of the viewer/audience comments on many of the company’s past streams, you’ll know that a sequel to Skate 3 — the 2010 title originally developed by EA Black Box — has long been requested. Long, to the point of it becoming a running gag and internet meme for those to spam wherever and whenever EA laid out a public broadcast.

But lo and behold, it seems EA have both listened and obliged; there was even a stating from Cuz Parry and Deran Chung — Game Director and Creative Director respectively — that fans have “commented this into being” with the announcement that a new Skate game is currently in development. Sadly that’s all we got to go on, with development only just beginning and early in production. It’s unclear on whether or not it will be referred to officially as the coveted Skate 4, but at the very least EA have also answered the call to what has become a resurgent supply to a continued demand for skateboard titles.