Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl Set for Release on May 7

Jay and Silent Bob are two of Kevin Smith’s most iconic characters and now they’re set to make their video game debut next month in Mall Brawl. The game was originally conceived as a companion game for the Chronic Blunt Punch game, similar to Bloodstained Curse of the Moon serving that role for Bloodstained Ritual of the Night. Befitting the View Askewniverse, the legendary stoners are out to fight through the mall to get to Quick Stop — so it’s right in line with what long-time fans of the characters should expect. The core gameplay is inspired by brawlers from the late ’80s, with the graphics taking a few cues from the River City Ransom games. The enemy lineup is taken from the View Askewniverse as well — offering up a sense of authenticity for longtime fans of Smith’s characters.

You’ll fight through areas shown off in Mallrats like Popular Girl or the set of Truth or Date. It would probably be wise to avoid any chocolate covered pretzels on the ground for health pick-ups too. In a surprising move given that they’re characters from largely R-rated franchises, the game will be rated E10+ — so it stands to reason that the characters being drug dealers won’t be used and instead it will be like the Clerks cartoon where they’re merry mischief makers instead.

Between Streets of Rage 4, the Kunio Kun/Double Dragon Collection and the Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle, Mall Brawl is coming out at a perfect time. Brawlers are back in vogue to a a greater degree now that they’ve been around since the early ’90s when the market was flooded with every company out there releasing something in the genre. Fortunately, everything that’s been shown of this game looks entertaining, and for $14.99, it’s priced well for a retro throwback on the Switch and Steam. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Mall Brawl as its release draws near.