Jenny LeClue Solves the Mystery of the Release Date Kerfuffle

Arthurton is a lovely, sleepy little town where nothing too bad could ever happen.  It certainly doesn’t need a super-sleuth poking around its history, turning up secrets people would much rather remain lost and unknown.  When Jenny’s mother is accused of murder there’s no stopping her investigation into the truth, discovering along the way that people’s secrets are maybe a little darker and less pleasant than she’d have expected.  And to add just one more wrinkle to the mystery, the entire game is narrated as if it’s a book by author Arthur K Finklestein, and the player’s choices not only affect Jenny’s story but Arthur’s as well.

Jenny LeClue had a very successful Kickstarter back in 2014 and now it’s just about done.  It was announced last week that the game would be launching “soon” but, as it turns out, “soon” is exceptionally close to “now.”  Jenny LeClue launches on Steam and GOG on September 19, with the Apple Arcade release coming along afterwards while the Switch and PS4 versions will be showing up sometime this Winter.

Check out the launch trailer below to get ready to solve a mystery, maybe rewrite history:

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