Jet Lancer Shoots to the Skies of PC and Switch With Launch Trailer

When there’s a whole lot of Nothing it gets defined by the Something that it holds, no matter how tiny that may be in comparison.  The skies of Jet Lancer contain plenty of space to maneuver and the bullets, missiles, and lasers really don’t take up too large a percentage of it, but when everything moves at high speed it’s still impressively simple for a small, nimble fighter-jet to plow right into one.  Jet Lancer is a 2D pixel-art aerial ballet where a cocky young fighter launches from the decks of her hovercraft-base to take on the ridiculously powerful forces of the sky pirates terrorizing her world.  The pirates not only have an impressive air force of their own but also attack boats and the occasional giant mech, and the bigger the enemy the more space to bolt on guns.  Fortunately the jet comes equipped with a handy roll-dodge, perfect for spinning out of the way of the wrong bullet in the right place, and a successful dodge also serves as a temporary power-up for the main gun.  It leads to a nice game of risk/reward, flying into danger to get that burst of heavy firepower to knock a few threats out of the sky, hopefully buying a moment before it kicks in again.

That doesn’t mean Jet Lancer is only for those with killer reflexes and nerves of steel, though.  While playing on vanilla-standard difficulty makes for a nice challenge, it’s also got accessibility options so that anyone can play.  True, a lower damage means you’re still getting hit, making for an end-of-level ranking that may not be particularly impressive, but it’s always good to be able to hand the controller over to a new player and let them see what all the fuss is about.  They may not quite get the same level of satisfaction that comes from shooting, after-burner-ing, dodging, and timing the perfect missile salvo that an experienced player might get, but like any good gateway drug if the first hit is free then the harder stuff comes easier.  Also, William F. Sessions says “Winners don’t use drugs”, so listen to him.

Anyway, Jet Lancer is out today for Switch and PC, and it’s high-speed free-roaming aerial-ace combat in skies blue enough to make Sega jealous.  Check out the launch trailer below for destructive action backed by the genre-required screaming guitar.