Jet Set Radio Grinding to Vita

Previously announced for Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam, Jet Set Radio will also snag a Vita release. Formerly known as Jet Grind Radio in its U.S. release, the game will feature HD graphics, leaderboards and a new camera system. The Vita version will also feature touch screen and camera functionality. If they integrate the touch screen capabilities well with the graffiti, this could become the version to own.

“The fan reaction to our recent reveal of Jet Set Radio has been incredible.  As Jet Set Radio is focused on creativity, the touch capabilities of the PlayStation Vita are proving to be a perfect fit,” said Sega’s digital business vice president Haruki Satomi

Regardless of what system you pick it up on, Jet Set Radio should make for a blast of a summer. Hopefully the superior Jet Set Radio Future gets similar treatment in the future.

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