John Wick Hex Sets Sights on May Release for PS4

Last year, Thomas was Alone and Volume developer Bithell Games released a “time-based” strategy game exclusively on PC based on the popular John Wick trilogy of action movies.

Now, the acclaimed indie developer is looking to bring the Baba Yaga and his mesmerizing combat abilities to consoles, as John Wick Hex will be making its way to PS4 on May 5. Set before the events of the first movie, John Wick Hex sees the titular hero attempt to rescue two of his compatriots, Winston and Charon (who are both voiced by their real-life counterparts) from the mysterious Hex and his legion of criminals, with the gameplay relying heavily on limited ammo and numerous small but crucial choices on how to approach overwhelming odds like only John Wick can.

For more on John Wick Hex, check out the new trailer below, as well as our review of the PC version.

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