Joseph Seed Returns in Latest Far Cry New Dawn Trailer

Ubisoft today released a new trailer for Far Cry New Dawn revealing the return of Far Cry 5’s main antagonist.

Joseph Seed, the Father, may have stood against you in Far Cry 5, but things appear to be different in Far Cry New Dawn. His fate left ambiguous at the end of 5, players have been wondering what happened to the character. Turns out that he’s very much alive, and looks to have changed his ways.

Far Cry New Dawn takes place seventeen years after a nuclear catastrophe. Though peace reined for a while, all that came crashing down when the Highwaymen arrived. Led by twin sisters Mickey and Lou, this group intends to take all of Hope County’s resources. Left with no choice, the people of Hope County look to team up with New Eden. Based on the trailer, Joseph Seed appears to side with you, though his true motives remain a mystery. We’ll have to wait for the full game to see how his presence impacts the overarching story.

Far Cry New Dawn is out February 15 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to check out our preview of the game to see what’s new in New Dawn.