July 2013 Playstation Plus Benefits Revealed

Each month, Sony issues in new games for Playstation Plus users to play for nothing more than the $50 annual fee. It’s difficult to match last month’s huge selection of games, ranging from Saints Row The Third to Uncharted 3, but SCEA is certainly trying to make every dollar count (and based on the last year alone, they’re doing one hell of a job).

Along with the crazy sale Sony is throwing tomorrow, Playstation Plus subscribers will receive Battlefield 3 for free. As the month continues, Jet Set Radio and Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD will be made available for PS3 owners with Dokuro and Metal Slug XX (PSP) serving the Vita audience. It’s definitely not as robust as the last couple of months, but all five games will be strong additions into the ever growing service.


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