July 2020 Humble Choice Game Lineup Announced

July’s Humble Choice games have been offered up – and it’s a diverse mix of action, strategy, and adventure. Depending on your plan type, you can pick up to 10 games from the massive list offered up. Age of Wonders: Planetfall Deluxe Edition, Void Bastards, Railway Empire, Battlestar Galactica Deadlock – Season One, Yuppie Psycho, Beat Hazard 2, Sigma Theory, Metal Unit, Don’t Escape – 4 Ways to Survive, Verlet Swing, Basingstoke, and Earthlock are selectable.

Planetfall is a must if you want a modern-day RTS with a more realistic setting, while Void Bastards is a rogue-lite FPS that has some stunning cel shaded graphics. Yuppie Psycho is a dark and twisted pixel-art adventure, and Beat Hazard 2 blends your own music library with top-notch shooting action. Those looking for a short-range action-platformer with a rapid pace should check out Metal Unit. Don’t Escape is a pixel art point and click game, while Verlet Swing is a bright and colorful 3D swinging-platformer. Basingstoke blends stealth and shooting quite nicely, while Earthlock is a cyberpunk turn-based RPG that never quite gets the love it deserves.