July PlayStation Plus Games, 10 Year Anniversary Theme Announced

The next set of free PlayStation Plus games have been announced, and they’ll likely please quite a few gamers out there. The first option is NBA 2K20, last year’s entry into the long-running basketball series. It’s a competent game many basketball fans will likely enjoy despite being far from perfect. So long as one doesn’t get sucked into the MyTeam stuff, it should be okay to try.

The other option is Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration. All three of the recent Tomb Raider games have been decent entries in the franchise, and this one stacks right up there with its 2013 predecessor. Rise of the Tomb Raider formally introduces both fans and Lara to the Trinity, an organization bent on “guiding” the world along the path they desire. It’s definitely an adventure worth the download.

A bonus, third game, Erica, is included this month. It places players in the shoes of its namesake as she tries to piece together herĀ  fragmented childhood memories and figure out the events behind the death of her father. All of these games will be available starting on July 7. Lastly, Sony is also celebrating the ten year anniversary of PlayStation Plus with the release of a free theme later in the week. Also, fans will also have a chance to enjoy the services online features free of charge from July 4 to July 5.