Jump Showdown Returns to Fall Guys Tomorrow

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has gotten off to an impressive start, with over two million copies sold on Steam alongside the game’s free release on PS4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Back in the beta for the chaotic and colorful battle royale, there were 25 available events for players to compete in, but the full game only launched with 24, with the promise that more levels would be added in the weeks and months to come. The first patch, which is scheduled to go live on August 13, will re-introduce Jump Showdown, which operates very similarly to Jump Club by tasking players with avoiding spinning poles on a circular set of platforms. But in this event, the platforms will gradually shake and plummet into the slime below, with only one player able to claim victory in this Final minigame. The patch will also feature some bug fixes, including some refinement to the overall framerate.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on PS4 and PC, which our review called a “consistently enjoyable alternate take on the battle royale.”