Kandagawa Jet Girls Producer Releases Video Commentary to Celebrate Western Release

The recent Kandagawa Jet Girls game is a fun, if a bit flawed affair that manages to not only make the anime’s comedy work in game form – but deliver a rock-solid aquatic racing game alongside it. Today, show producer Kenichiro Takaki celebrated the game’s recent launch in the west on PC and PS4 with a video commentary for part of the game. He goes over the concept of the series and how the dolphin is iconic not only as an item in the franchise’s world, but how their design influenced the jet machines themselves and their graceful design.

He also goes into detail about how the trick system changes up based on the team mechanic and switching up your characters to change up your trick loadout. After going through the core game’s design, we get some insight into the characters and how they play off each other. It’s a nice look into the game, and if you enjoy the idea of combat blended with jet machine-based racing, give Kandagawa Jet Girls a shot on either the PS4 or PC via Steam.