Kazuma Kiryu Returns in Like a Dragon 8

The Like a Dragon name came about for the latest mainline Yakuza game and was both a reference to Dragon Quest, the favorite series of that game’s main character and one for “The Dragon of Dojima” Kazuma Kiryu. Kiryu was the primary protagonist throughout all of the Yakuza games until the seventh entry, where he was seen very briefly. Now, the long-running franchise’s most-recognizable character is back in the oddly-titled Like a Dragon 8.

The title does make sense given that he had nothing to do with the yakuza at the end of his adventure, but it isn’t the eighth game in the “Like a Dragon’ brand, but it does follow up on Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon’s story for him. Either way, Kiryu is back and players should be in for a crazy time. Past entries have seen Kiryu beat up people with bikes, dance, run a hostess club, and fight wild animals – so a newer entry could be even more insane with him feeling he’s “too old for this”. We’ll see what’s in store when Like a Dragon 8 hits PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC via the Windows Store and Steam in 2024.