Ken Levine Returns With New Narrative First-Person Shooter Judas

Well, as we now officially move on to a decade since its last official entry, everyone still wonders when we’ll finally get a new BioShock title. We still have no answer to that, but in the meantime, original BioShock creator Ken Levine is here with his new studio, Ghost Story Games, to deliver another narrative first-person shooter game that appears to be in the same vein. That game would be Judas, debuting at The Game Awards, whose trailer you can check out below.

The actual plot synopsis for the game so far is enigmatic, just that it involves a disintegrating starship where you play as the titular Judas, who has to make or break alliances with the enemies they’ve made in either to fix or destroy things. There’s certain a lot of twisted imagery on display here, and hints at some elemental powers, definitely evoking BioShock, but the tone this time around seems a bit more…offbeat. It certainly looks interesting, though, so consider us looking forward to Judas when it comes out in the future for PC, PS5, and XSX.