Kick Bastards Boots Up a Kickstarter Campaign and New Demo

The Devil gets a bad rap when it comes to deals.  Everyone knows what the stakes are and everyone tries to weasel out of them.  Yes, the trade is “Immortal soul for _____” and sure, the person making the trade is obviously desperate, but if terrible deals were a valid reason to back out then the entire capitalist system as we know it would fall apart.  Which would be… bad?  Anyway, everyone wants something and nobody wants to pay for it, so the Devil gets painted as the bad guy when the buyer reneges on their promise.  The cheapskates this time are a group called the Kick Bastards, and the plan to weasel out of the deal went very badly.  Now there’s only one member left and that’s you, tearing across the rooftops in a high-speed parkour race to the finish armed with a mighty foot capable of kicking your way to the finish line.

The Kick Bastards demo has been up a couple of times in the past in various Steam-fests, and it’s returned again for today’s freshly-launched Kickstarter campaign.  Each level is a chase across the top of a city, jumping, wall-running, and dash-kicking to the big burly minion of hell waiting at the course’s end.  Each level has multiple paths and plenty of room for technique, which makes finding the quickest route to the finish a combination of skill and experimentation.

Kick Bastard’s Kickstarter launched today and it’s available wherever fine Kickstarters are found.  The demo is back on Steam and now also at, and if you’ve played it before there are some new moves that make it worth a replay.  At the time of this writing I hate to say that the campaign isn’t off to a great start, so check out the trailer below and give the demo some attention, and maybe see if you want to boot your way out of a bad deal with the Devil.