Kickstarter Alert: The 90’s Arcade Racer

Remember when Sega’s racers basically owned the arcades?  Virtua Racing gave way to Daytona USA, and then Scud Racer took over afterwards.  Each racer had an undeniably Sega-ish feel, with vibrant tracks running past lively scenery.  The 90’s Arcade Racer is aiming to recreate that style, and has fired up a Kickstarter to aid in bringing it to life.

The current plan for the project is laid out in full detail on the Kickstarter page, but the short version is — 3 tracks, 3 styles of car.  Each track can be raced forward or back, and if the stretch goal is reached there will even be a Championship mode for each car class.  The three car classes are, as you’d expect from the game’s influence, Supercar, Stock, and Formula.  The gameplay modes are pretty simple, honestly, but when recreating a Sega-style racer it makes perfect sense, and the track previewed in the Kickstarter video shows a course that looks to be a load of fun to race through.

Recreating a Sega racer isn’t just about the visuals, though.  There’s course design and handling to sort out, but the developer, Pelikan13, has had experience with a similar situation before and turned out excellent results.  His previous project, Sonic Fan Remix was a freeware Sonic update that felt perfect and was utterly gorgeous to boot.  True, it was never 100% completed, but it was a free fan project and those are always iffy at best.  The 90’s Arcade Racer (which desperately needs a real name) is a full commercial game, and has a good start on its road to completion.  With any luck we’ll be seeing a Fall release of a wonderful throwback to some of the best racing ever to grace an arcade cabinet.