Kickstarter Campaign Begins For Killer Queen Spin-Off Abs vs. The Blood Queen

BumbleBear Games are the Brooklyn-based developers best known for Killer Queen, the cult classic ten-player arcade game (and Killer Queen Black, the enhanced home version). Through this arcade game, they’ve been able to achieve their goal of bringing more people together, in person, for a communal experience like no other. But obviously, such a goal is pretty much impossible given these current times. True, Killer Queen Black can still be played online, but now BumbleBear wants to provide something more for those who are cooped up. So enter Abs vs. The Blood Queen, a single-player platformer based on the arcade hit, complete with a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it.

Using the same gameplay as Killer Queen, along with assets from it, Abs vs. The Blood Queen sees you playing as the titular Abs, a worker trying to stop the also-titular Blood Queen, a corrupted version of the franchise’s iconic character. Throughout several procedurally generated levels, players will utilize all of the various techniques from Killer Queen as they outrun a wave of undead workers, discovering abilities and secrets in the process. The developers aim to have the game finished in six weeks, hopefully getting a classic arcade experience to players at home as quick as possible. If the $33,000 goal is met, expect to see Abs vs. The Blood Queen on Steam, with stretch goals for console versions afterwards. And once arcades open again, BumbleBear will work on getting cabinets out there as well. It’s quick but ambitious stuff, so check it out.