Kickstarter Campaign Underway For Indie G Zine Volume 3

It’s been quite a while since Beautiful Glitch founder and creative director Julián Quijano last set out to produce a new volume of the Indie G Zine – just over three years, in fact – likely due to the hefty success of Monster Prom, the various updates that followed, and additional projects. But the illustration anthology devoted toward highlighting both impressive indie games and impressive artwork and artists is back again, with the Kickstarter campaign for Indie G Zine Volume 3 now up and running. And the gap between volumes means that Julián now has three more years of indie games past, present, and future to work with, so expect another enthusiastic chunk of features games and art pieces.

Like with previous volumes, Volume 3 of the zine will feature fifty art pieces based on indie games, each accompanied by various reviews, previews, and artist profiles, interviews with the game developers, and even more recommendations of other indie games, as some titles will have to sadly be cut (by the way, as a disclaimer, the writer of this news article did contribute writings towards Volume 2 as a volunteer). The games that have made the cut so far are an accomplished crop, though, including Untitled Goose Game, Blasphemous, A Short Hike, Gone Home, Minit, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, and many more. Actually, there are still a few slots open, according to the campaign’s description, so any artists interested would be wise to check this out.

The goal for the campaign this time around is set at €9,000, and as of the time of writing, is only a little bit away from hitting that goal. So anyone interested in a zine filled with amazing games and amazing art should check the Kickstarter page for the Indie G Zine Volume 3 at the link above, and if you missed out on the first two volumes, you can get reward tiers with them. If all goes well, the latest Indie G Zine should arrive around April of 2021, and it looks like it’ll be another gaming read to check out.