Kickstarter Campaign Underway For Multiplayer Narrative Adventure Baladins

LudoNarraCon 2022, a virtual event on Steam celebrating narrative-focused games, is still going on throughout the weekend, and and certainly has some notable games being showcased this year. One of those games comes courtesy of developers Seed by Seed that being Baladins, a multiplayer adventure game whose Kickstarter campaign is currently underway. Set in the fantasy world of Gatherac, the titular Baladins are a group of adventurer tasked with one epic goal: Throw the biggest freaking party ever in order to entertain a massive dragon that’s threatening everything.

The Kickstarter page and trailer below go into further detail, with the Baladins being a troupe of itinerant artists, each with their own unique skills. Inspired by traditional RPGs and board games, the game sees one to four players travelling around the world, searching for items and info needed for their dragon entertainment. Fail, and you get sent back in time to try again, but with more stories, locations, and characters unlocked in order to provide a new adventure every time. With each journey only taking about an hour at a time, it sounds like a perfect game to play with friends, and you can try out a demo of the game on Steam for a little while longer until the 9th. The crowdfunding campaign is also a stone’s throw away from reaching its 18,000 goal as of the time of writing, so with any luck, we’ll see more of Baladins later this year, when it initially plans to be released for PC in Q4 2022.

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