Kickstarter Indie Bundle Begins

Just when you thought there was no way to do something new with an indie bundle, BAM! Now you’ve got an indie bundle for games completely funded by Kickstarter – effectively combining the two biggest indie gaming ‘things’ over the past couple of years into one concept. Speaking of concepts, the games set to be funded by this Kickstarter are Enola, MetaGolf, Inner Dream, Ensign-1, Christmas Magic, TRI, Silversword 2, The Host Holic, and Y2163. Pledge rewards vary from $5 to $10,000, the former nets you an alpha of Inner Dream when it’s available along with developer diaries for it, a thank you in every game’s credit, and a personal invite for Y2163 and a welcome package. The latter gets you literally whatever you want. In-between those extremes, pledgers can pick from a variety of games and OSTs, as well as get access to some of the bundle’s developers’ existing games as well.