#killallzombies Coming to PS4

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this just might be the first video game with a hashtag in the title. Beatshapers has announced #killallzombies, a socially-connected third-person shooter that should give players Dead Nation and Crimsonland vibes. While other platforms have yet to be announced, we do know that #killallzombies will come to PlayStation 4 first.

Set in an arena made up of hexagonal titles, #killallzombies puts players in an enclosed space filled with up to 1000 ravenous undead foes. Tiles will move and change, allowing the arena to be weaponized as a result. Perks will play a large role, setting the stage for a surprisingly deep gameplay experience. The most interesting feature in #killallzombies is its high level of social connectivity, which is understandable considering its title. Players viewing game streams will be able to dynamically alter the gameplay through the use of keyboard commands. Viewers can alter the arena’s tiles, protect the player, or spawn massive boss characters, making the game more or less difficult for the player.

According to a post in the comments section of the PlayStation blog page, Beatshapers CEO expects #killallzombies to launch in September barring any QA testing issues.

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