Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind DLC Hits Xbox One Today

The wait is finally over for all the Xbox-based Kingdom Hearts fans out there. Starting today, they can pick up Kingdom Hearts III’s newest DLC and pick up the story where the main game left-off. There’s more here than just some new story beats though; Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind adds new playable characters, allows some boss battles to be fought from new perspectives, adds thirteen new bosses to the “Limitcut” episode and one more special boss to the “Secret” episode. The DLC also adds a new “premium” menu which allows for a more fine-tuned gaming experience and a brand-new “Data Greeting” mode to play around with.

Xbox fans who have yet to pick up Kingdom Hearts III itself now also have the option of experiencing it through Xbox Game Pass, which is probably the more cost-effective method for those who aren’t yet sure if they’ll like Kingdom Hearts or not. Specking of which, our review for Kingdom Hearts III is a great way to get acquainted with the basics before diving-in head first.