Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Demo Now Available

Square Enix, in collaboration with Indieszero, today released the playable demo for their “rhythm-action” game, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, on the respective digital stores for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game features Sora and — as is tradition for the series — many Disney characters, running along a musical track and attacking, jumping or using skills by rhythmically pressing buttons in time with the song.

Melody of Memory boasts over 140 songs, local and online multiplayer, a battle mode and more, and will have, as you may imagine, plenty of callbacks to past games, familiar areas and characters, and interwoven RPG elements to keep things interesting. Reports of a robust difficulty adjustment system — which features an additional layer in the form of “styles” that allow you to simplify or complicate the mode of play by either distilling controls to a single button or expand the usable buttons to add, basically, bonus button-presses for increased scoring ability make for an intriguing level of customizability and increased potential for replayability. Players looking forward to trying the game out will get six songs to choose from in the demo (seven if you count the one song that is only playable during the tutorial), with four playable in solo mode and two playable with a friend in local co-op.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is slated for full worldwide release on November 13, both digitally and physically, on all three major consoles. Expect many collectibles, unlockable stages and characters, and of course, magic — this is Disney, after all — when it drops.

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