Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards Coming to Switch Online Expansion Pack

First shown off when the Expansion Pack was announced, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards finally has a release date on the Switch. Nintendo has released N64 games at a consistent clip of one per month and with the console’s limited third-party offerings that will be logically able to be licensed, that makes sense. Kirby 64 offered the most combination of powers at the time and even today, topples Kirby and the Forgotten Land in that regard.

It was a 2.5D game and kept the spirit of the 2D games alive, but with a polygonal look. The flat-shaded polygons have allowed this to age a bit better than most of the N64’s library. Kirby 64 hits the Switch Online Expansion Pack on May 20 and offers up an experience that should work wonderfully with the N64 emulator even in its current state and as with other N64 game updates, we’ll see if this game’s launch leads to another update coming to the emulator alongside it.