Kirby, Switch Sports Near Five Million Units Each as Switch Console Sales Surpass 111 Million

Last night, Nintendo released its findings for the first quarter of the current fiscal year, which ran from April 1-June 30, 2022.

The Japanese publisher’s hybrid platform continues to push units as the Nintendo Switch sold an additional 3.43 million units during the three month period, bringing its total to just above 111 million as it inches closer to the Game Boy’s 118.69 million units sold. On the software side of things, Nintendo sold 41.41 million units total, with new first quarter releases Nintendo Switch Sports reaching 4.84 million units, while Mario Strikers: Battle League sold just under two million. While there were no new titles that broke the top ten best-selling Switch games to date, Kirby and the Forgotten Land continues to be a bright spot for the series as its total sales passed four and a half million.

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