Kissing Across the Flappy Skies in Mon Amour Release Date Trailer

A couple years back Flappy Bird was insanely popular for a couple weeks before falling off the radar, but it definitely made an impact.  A good one-button game is hard to do, and while Flappy Bird may not have been a gameplay revolution is still left room for a lot of technique in attacking the endlessly scrolling procession of warp pipes.  It was a nice little time-waster, and that a game could be as little as a couple long didn’t hurt either.  Still, there was room for more in the design and now Mon Amour is taking a crack at seeing what else the flappy game can do.  Mon Amour is a one-button adventure about saving not only the princess but 64 of her subjects by flapping through a gauntlet of hazards, freeing everyone with a kiss.

A new trailer dropped today with the announcement of an October 14 release date on Switch and PC, and also giving a proper look at the weirdness to come.  Mon Amour is a pastel-colored storybook that’s about as Onion Games as a game could possibly be, featuring a middle-aged hero whose only power is love.  He flaps through the skies across hazardous screens, picking up fruit and hearts on the way to rescuing the princess’ subjects with a kiss, all scored to a jazzy soundtrack that’s generated on the fly.  Mon Amour couldn’t be much cuter or more endearing, so give the new trailer a watch to see flappy love take flight.