Klei Entertainment Venture Into Dungeon Crawler Territory With Rotwood

Over the past decade-plus, Klei Entertainment has crafted games in a wide variety of different genre, be it survival, deckbuilding, stealth, strategy, and more. And at the PC Gaming Show today, we saw the announce their new game, Rotwood, which now sees them venturing out into the world of hack-and-slash roguelike dungeon crawlers. While Klei have worked with similar elements before, this is the first time they’ve attempted such a combo, and as seen in the announcement trailer below, it looks like it could pay off.

Details concerning Rotwood’s plot are a bit scarce right now, though the game apparently has you and up to three friends fighting off corrupted beasts in order to create a safe haven for all of your woodland friends…the same woodland friends that can craft and wield new armor and weapons that allow them to fight through a labyrinthian forest, filled with challenges to tackle through classic arcade-style combat. No platforms beyond PC have been announced yet, and while the game will be entering Early Access, the trailer itself doesn’t know if it will do so in this year or 2023, so stay tuned for more details on Rotwood as they emerge in order to know when you can expect more woodland mayhem.