Knack II Finds Itself Up For A BAFTA…Because Why Not?

Perhaps more surprising than its actual reveal all the way back in December of 2016 at PSX, was how divisive Knack II — the sequel to the 2013 3D, beat-em-up platformer and launch title for the PS4 — actually turned out to a lot of people, considering it was a new IP very few people were genuinely clambering for a sequel to. With some feeling that the follow-up fell just as flat (if not more so) than the original, while others thoroughly enjoyed it. We found ourselves somewhere in the middle, concluding that the sequel once again suffered from the same issues that brought the first game down. Even going as far as to say that Knack II, as a result of all this, may find itself justified only to dedicated platformer fans and younger players alike.

And that latter sentiment may end up proving a little prophetic as it turns out — to trump all manner of surprise prior — Knack II has found itself up for an award as part of this year’s BAFTA Children’s Awards, which celebrates media such as film, television and animation targeted at young audiences as well as those who present and perform such creations. One of four nominees in the Game category, alongside two fellow Sony published titles in Everybody’s Golf and Frantics, it finds itself competing against Ubisoft’s surprisingly-enjoyable cross-over strategy title, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

What’s important to note however is, like all other BAFTA nominations, entrants are required to pay a fee of £145 plus vat (roughly $190 if you want to go on current exchange rates) in order to simply be considered for nominee status. Which means someone at Sony thinks it’s worth a couple of hundred pound sterling for Knack II to get some kind of coveted award, even if it’s in the Children’s section of award ceremonies. We’ll know whether or not Knack II reigns supreme in the Games category on November 25 when the BAFTA’s take place.