Knights and Bikes Brings Hand-Painted Style to Action-Adventure on GOG, Steam

Double Fine has released some of gaming’s most imaginative games over the past 15 years and now they’re publishing Foam Sword’s debut effort – Knights and Bikes. This uniquely-titled affair has you play as a pair of kids as they battle knights and ride bikes. It’s a coming of age tale inspired by the Goonies and mixes in both action with some puzzle-solving to create a diverse experience for the player. We mostly enjoyed our time with the game in our review, and those seeking an imaginative tale will find a lot to enjoy.

Knights and Bikes is available now on computers with a DRM-free version available on GOG for $19.99 – the same price as its Steam counterpart. The big upside to GOG is that it’s completely DRM-free, so you don’t need any other launchers to play the game and have full access to it should you ever go offline for any reason. The game’s hand-painted look really helps it stand out, and some of its creators worked on Tearaway – which also used a papercraft look to help shape its world. It’s playable on PC, Mac OS X, and Linux – so no matter what kind of computing platform you use, you’re golden.

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