Knights and Bikes to Receive Animated Series

In just a short while, Foam Sword’s action-adventure game Knights and Bikes has become no stranger to expanding its world beyond video games. Before the game even came out, two tie-in novels were released for young readers, a self-titled one in 2018 and Rebel Bicycle Club, released at the beginning of August. Still, we didn’t expect to hear news of an animated series based on it, especially since it’s only been just under a month since the game’s release. And yet here we are, with Tiger Aspect Productions optioning a Knights and Bikes cartoon.

Yes, the British production company best known for the likes of Mr. Bean and Peaky Blinders will help bring Demelza and Nessa’s adventures to a larger audience. Apparently, Tiger Aspect’s head of kids and family, Tom Beattie, is a huge fan of the previous works of Foam Sword heads Rex Crowle and Moo Yu, thus calling the decision to adapt their work into an animated series a no-brainer. Plus, the core premise of two girls in the 1980s having childhood adventures while solving mysteries and hunting for treasure seems tailor-made for a cartoon that can be enjoyed by all ages. No other details have been revealed about this adaptation of Knights and Bikes yet, but we’ll keep you informed as things develop.

Notably, this actually makes the second animated series based on a game published by Double Fine to receive an animated series, with Costume Quest hitting Amazon Prime earlier this year. So with a sequel coming out next year, maybe this latest development could hopefully convince someone to look into a Psychonauts animated series…