Konami Announces Mobile Versions of DDR, IIDX and Sound Voltex

Konami announced a trio of new mobile games during the Japan Amusement Expo which is big news for rhythm fans. They’ll be bringing out mobile versions of three of their most popular arcade games.

These include Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania IIDX and Sound Voltex. You’ll be able to play on your smartphone screen – or opt to purchase an expensive peripheral. The peripherals are based off existing ones for other platforms. They’ll work via Bluetooth or USB connection.

Note that right now these are only announced for Japan. In the case of the peripherals, they’ll probably remain Japan-exclusive even if the games come stateside. The IIDX and Sound Voltex controllers are up for pre-order for 15,984¥ ($146~) on Konami Style. A soft dance pad as well as aracde-style dance pad are also coming.