Konami Responds to Backlash Over Metal Gear Survive Trailer

The announcement trailer for Metal Gear Survive was revealed at this year’s Gamescom and was immediately met with anger from fans of the series who complained that the newest game will abandon that trademark stealth gameplay of the Metal Gear Solid Series, in favor of an action co-op experience.

In response to the negative reaction, Konami USA’s community manager, Robert Allan Peer acknowledged the unfavorable reaction from fans. “Some people are definitely upset. Lots of people have different expectations for their favorite titles, that’s reasonable.” Peer went on to say that fans should keep an open mind about the game, promising that the game will offer “a great experience” for fans once it’s complete.

This, along with the announcement that Metal Gear Survive will be priced at $30, may help repair Konami’s relationship with its customers but as of now it’s too early to tell.