La-Mulana 2 Headed to Kickstarter

La-Mulana is one MSX-inspired game with a huge fan following. First released in 2005, the PC platformer garnered an audience both in and out of Japan. Eventually, a remake came out in 2012 which reinvigorated La-Mulana fans everywhere.

La-Mulana 2, which was previously announced, has just cropped up on Kickstarter. Unlike many crowdfudning projects, the lowest tier ($12) actually includes a download of the game. Those who enjoy tangible media will have to put down $100 or more for a packaged copy.

Publisher Playism Games are behind the project and are asking for $200,000 to make the sequel a reality. With 32 days to go, we’ll have to wait and see if La-Mulana 2 gets fully funded!