Labyrinth Legend Brings Its Tales to Switch Today

NIS America and Regista’s fantasy dungeon-crawler,  Labyrinth Legend, hits the Nintendo Switch today. So, if they so desire, Switch users can now plunge into the game’s labyrinths and attempt to claim the rewards waiting in their depths. This latest version is actually introducing a fair amount of new content to the experience as well. Those playing Labyrinth Legend on Switch can take on a brand new dungeon, gather some new and powerful gear, learn some new story tidbits, play as a new character class: The Nightcrawler and go through the whole game in online co-op.

In Labyrinth Legend, players roll into the kingdom of Kanata as an unnamed adventurer. Their objective is a simple one: delve into the many labyrinths dotting the kingdom and bring back their treasures. Of course, there’s a reason those treasures haven’t already been back, and players will deal with all the gauntlets and powerful boss monsters that’ve thwarted all previous attempts. Adventurers have four classes to spec into and can grow stronger through experience and the acquisition of gear along the way. Whether or not it’ll be enough will depend on the player though.

Labyrinth Legend is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.