Lara Croft GO Going to be on Mobile Devices Later this Month

Square Enix loves taking its big name franchises and giving them a mobile game for fans to enjoy. Hitman GO stripped the game to its bare essentials and its simplicity was something we really enjoyed. Now, another of their flagship characters is going in the same direction.

Lara Croft GO brings complicated puzzle solving to our fingertips. The adventure takes place in a long-lost world with ancient ruins to explore and secrets to uncover about the myths of its queen. The game will come out near the end of the month on August 27.

There’s also an art contest taking place with Lara Croft GO as the theme. The competition benefits Child’s Play, a charity dedicated to providing toys and games to kids. You can read more about the competition here and look forward to more news during PAX Prime taking place the day after its release.