Lara’s Adventure Continues in The Forge

The first addition for the excellent Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been revealed. In a news post on their website, Crystal Dynamics announced that “The Forge” is the first of seven planned DLC excursions coming to the game over the next several months. All will be available as free downloads to season pass holders, but fans can also buy them individually is they so desire.

This additional adventure takes Lara on a journey through the lava-filled challenge tomb; confronting her with new obstacles and clues about an old friend. Overcoming the Forge isn’t just a matter of navigating a deadly lava pit though; there’s long-forgotten danger lurking in its depths that needs to be defeated before all is said and done.

Players who complete the tomb will emerge with the brand new Grenadier skill, Brocken outfit and the Umbra 3-80 weapon. In addition to this, fans who take on the Forge will also be able to enjoy new Time and Score Attack modes introduced with the add-on. The crisis may have passed, but Lara still has plenty of work to do.

The Forge comes to Shadow of the Tomb Raider on November 13 for all platforms.