Latest Dragon Blaze Update Adds Two New Modes

The Korean mobile RPG featuring beautiful visuals and both competitive and story-related content continues to push forward with new ways to play. This week we get two new modes that change things for the better.

The first is the Destructive Dungeon that replaces the Daily Dungeon. This resembles that of the original model, but instead of facing each deity on a daily basis, it’s a weekly event in which players go through a set amount of levels, being rewarded for finishing each. This also has the means of dropping more than one item in one run, such as essence, skill cards and gems.

The second mode is Fortress Battle, and it’s a significant addition. This is a PVP mode unlike anything we’ve seen before as players will defend and attack one another’s bases. Players will need to set up their own defenses in the form of up to three parties, and invaders will need to beat each group to climb the ranks. You will only get to attack five times in one day, unless you pay 10 rubies for additional tries. While the rewards seem light, Fortress Battle will hand out rubies and coins on a daily basis so it’s critical to keep your rank high.

Dragon Blaze is a free-to-play RPG available for iOS and Android devices.