Latest Returnal Update Allows You to Suspend Cycles Mid-Game

For as successful and enjoyably challenging Housemarque’s newest IP — and debut on the PS5 — Returnal was when it launched last April, a common complaint among players, was the inability to pause a run (or “cycle” as it’s referred to) at any point, to continue it another time. Instead the game would rely on you beating it in one go, or force you to restart from the beginning — either through character death or closing the game entirely. Well it looks like Housemarque have heard fans and today, a new update was released for Returnal that would allow people to pause their progression.

As described in the game’s “2.0 Update”, players who wish to resume their run at a later date, can create a suspend point. Upon return, that suspend point is deleted and while the game may not be getting “save points” of sort in the traditional sense, it does mean players can now go as far as shutting their pS5 console down. The suspend feature does not work everywhere however; Housemarque note that the feature doesn’t work for moments such as boss battles, during combat encounters and even cutscenes. A new photo mode has also been added in today’s update. Returnal is available now exclusively for PS5.