Latest Trailer for Hero Bank 2 Released by Sega

Earlier today, Sega released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPG, Hero Bank 2. This new video gives us a much-anticipated glimpse at the game’s seven major antagonists, the armors they can transform into, and a peek at their special attacks.

The trailer also ends by showcasing a special suit for the Japanese city of Funabashi’s lovable mascot, Funashi. Players will be able to obtain the Funashi suit via QR Code from the Hero Bank arcade card-game found in Japanese game centers around the country.

Funashi loves you!

Funashi loves you!

In Japan Hero Bank has become a fairly popular anime series for children, being broadcast on TV Tokyo since April of 2014, and is now currently on it’s 29th episode. Although only one of the intimidating foes from the trailer, Ryuuga Tennouji, has appeared in the Hero Bank show, the latest game will follow the anime’s story arc. Hero Bank 2 launches on November 29, 2014 — hopefully right on time for any major plot developments. No western localization seems to be on the horizon.

Check out the trailer below:

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