Latest Update Adds Turrets and More to Planetside 2

Sony Online Entertainment’s massive shooter just got a bit bigger. The latest update for Planetside 2 introduces many fan-requests, and some holiday shenanigans.

The Spitfire auto turret is available for engineers. Players can stick one of these babies into the ground and participate in combat without having to rely exclusively on twitch response. For the first time ever, players can now wield their melee weapons and activate different properties when attacking. New profile banners offer a new way to customize yourself and show off your achievements.

There are also some new Holiday themed Auraximas. Snowmen have returned to Esamir, and are perfect for target practice. Shooting a snowman nets you a little extra XP, and you’ll get in-game rewards, such as titles, cert points, and more.

Planetside 2 can be downloaded for free on PC. A PS4 version is already in the works for a release in 2015, and will hopefully come included with this latest update.