LCS Quaterfinals Day 2

Day one is in the books and now we an interesting day two coming up. Interesting because the EU might see Forg1ven play again. Last I heard he was the sub while Freeze was out, but I’ve also heard he won’t be playing in the playoffs. Regardless according to he’s listed as the starter in the bot lane matchup that’s sure to excite.

Over in the EU we have H2K vs Fnatic duking it out. Rekkles vs Forgiven or even Rekkles vs Freeze would be a really good match. Both of H2K’s adcs are very aggressive  and mechanically gifted so either way Rekkles and Yellowstar will need to bring their A-game. Last time these two teams played H2K beat Fnatic. H2K actually won their last three games and while Fnatic dropped two and ties with Roccat. To be honest they aren’t looking their best and they have a new head coach taking over with only a few weeks to prepare them. Things aren’t looking too hot. Without knowing too much about the new man in charge I’m giving the nod to H2K.

  • H2K vs Fnatic (3-1 H2K)

Over in NA we’ve got last split’s champions in Counter Logic Gaming against Team Liquid. CLG have had a rough split and exactly the opposite of what  you’d expect from a team that got second place at MSI. There they performed really well and basically started the ranged support meta we’ve been seeing. When they returned it’s like everyone had been practicing and CLG hadn’t played since the last split. They were just rough. TL have had an interesting go of things themselves. Dardoch was suspended and Piglet apparently benched himself to join TLA and then just left.  So they’ve been playing with long time Challenger player, Fabbbyyy, who is not a former world champion. When I look at the CLG roster it’s hard not to side with them and the massive experience advantage they have  on their team. Stixxay is the least experienced on the squad and he’s definitely got his share of it while performing well. To CLG goes the nod, but I fully expect this series to be tightly contested.

  • CLG vs TL (3-2 CLG)