LCS Semifinals Day 1

We’re one week closer to crowning the kings of their respective LCS regions and this week we’ve got some great matchups.

Kicking things off will be H2K vs Splyce. Now, Splyce was almost relegated last split, but have somehow put things together and become the second place team in the EU LCS. This week though regular season doesn’t mean much of anything and they have a very dominant H2K to contend with. Godgiven and his H2K teammates took down Fnatic like they were nothing and yes we can blame a lot on Fnatic’s draft phase and questionable play, but at the end of the day there wasn’t any stopping Pr0lly’s team. This week we’re going to find out who’s the real deal. Is Splyce just a product of the BO2 system or is the Greek god ready to punch a ticket to worlds?

  • H2K vs Splyce (3-2 H2K) #GodGiven

Cloud9 didn’t really have a challenge against EnVy. Sure they dropped the first game and even I thought it would be much more of a struggle, but C9 showed some great team play and individual dominance in that matchup. Impact didn’t give an inch to his admirer Seraph and Jensen set a record for most kills in a LCS playoff match besting former mid laner Scarra. Also Meteos showed us one of the most unconventional Gragas builds to date. On the other side we have Immortals who have only lost to the league leaders, TSM. IMT may not be as dominant as they were last split, but they’re still one of the best teams we’ve seen in the LCS. With the new meta forcing teams to lane instead of swap it’ll be interesting to see how thing workout for Huni in the top lane against a former world champion. Remember Huni really likes to get aggressive and get a lead. Once he’s got it he doesn’t like, or notice, losing it so he might get a fair bit of attention this Saturday.

  • C9 vs IMT (3-2 C9) #InReaperedWeTrust