Lead Writer for Valve Says His Goodbyes

Today via gi.biz, it was made known that Valve veteran, Chet Faliszek, is leaving the company for good. After 12 years of exceptional work, new horizons are always welcome.

Chet Faliszek, is a man of many faces for Valve. Having started out as a writer, working on both Half-Life episodes, both Portals and both Left 4 Deads. His CV is impressive to say the least. Faliszek worked along other prominent writers for Valve, Eric Wolpaw (working on Psychonauts 2) and Mark Laidlaw forming a trifecta of creation. These three are responsible for some of the great storytelling to come from Valve. With Faliszek taking his final bow, this means all three Valve vets who worked on Half-Life have left. So, Half Life 3?

Faliszes besides being the public face for Valve was also known for making sure Valve was keeping up with VR, whether it be an Indie title or a AAA. Even those at other companies can’t praise him enough.

Vr developer Julie Heyde, of VR Unicorns, says Faliszek’s open-mindedness has won him many fans.

Faliszek made clear that there was no bad blood between him and Valve. His reasons for leaving are strictly professional. Be sure to except great things from Faliszek with whatever he does next. Probably something with VR, but only time will tell.