League of Legends Worlds 2016 Finals

This is it. The last professional League of Legends match until pre-season IEM tournaments start.

It’s easy to say that this Worlds tournament hasn’t been the most entertaining to watch, but it has been a good time with some great surprises. We got to see G2 flounder once again in an international tournament, Albus Nox Luna put wild card teams on the map, and Forg1ven make the most of what could be his last tournament. In the end though we’re left with a predictable finish and that’s two LCK teams in the finals.

Ideally it would be SKT T1 playing against Rox Tigers in a rematch of last years finals as they were once again arguably the two strongest teams at Worlds, but Samsung deserve to there in their own right having only lost one game the first week of group stage. Since then they’ve been on a tear and will hopefully give SKT a run for their money.

SKT didn’t lose to Samsung in the most recent split and I believe their actually something like 19-0¬†against them. Whatever the stat is it’s heavily in SKT’s favor and they’ll likely continue their dominance today.

The last League of Legends match of the season will start at 6:30 CDT and you can catch all of the action here.