Learn How To Play Kingdom Hearts III Before it Launches

At long last, Kingdom Hearts III is almost here! This is the game fans of the series have been waiting almost ten years for, and its time has finally come. Of course, ten years is a long time to wait between sequels, so there are probably more than a few fans out there who’ve forgotten how to combat the Heartless and Xehanort effectively. Not to worry though; Square-Enix has put out a new trailer outlining everything players will have available to them as they travel through Kingdom Hearts III’s collection of Disney-themed worlds.

Keyblades, magic, summons, and team-up attacks all make their return from previous Kingdom Hearts games, but they’ve been upgraded to be even more versatile and flashy than ever before. Sora can now transform his keyblades for powerful special attacks and swap keyblades in and out at will. Magic comes with handy secondary effects, team-ups are stronger, and Sora can even summon rides from Disney World as weapons against the darkness. Beyond that, there are plenty of mini-games to master and items to collect. Check out the video for the full rundown.

Kingdom Hearts III launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29.  Those who’ve never played the series before should check out our reviews for Kingdom Hearts One and Two for a quick overview on what these games are all about.