Learn The Basic Of Hardspace: Shipbreaker With a Gameplay Overview

Hardspace: Shipbreaker enters Early Access this June, allowing players to experience what a career of outer space salvage feels like. Which may sound like an odd taste to some, but as we’ve seen with our hands-on impressions, it can be some surprisingly fun and challenging work. But if you need to see more of the game in action in order to understand it better, then you’re in luck. Blackbird and Focus Home Interactive have released a four-minute gameplay overview trailer, which you can check out below.

The new video quickly establishes most of what you need to know, showcasing the various tools you’ll be using to cut apart spaceships, the parts you’ll be hauling away, such as the ever-valuable reactors, and the many hazards you have to watch out for, such as decompression or ignited fuel lines. Oh, and it also makes sure to showcase the massive, massive debt that the company you work for has saddled you with. But with any luck, you can begin carving chunks out of that debt when Hardspace: Shipbreaker is released in Early Access this June on PC, which console versions to follow alongside a full release.