Learn the Responsibility of a City Builder in Against the Storm Launch Trailer

It’s not easy to build a city, especially in a fantasy land where it’s always raining without a single sunny day to break up the dampness.  The Smoldering City ruled over by the Scorched Queen is the only place in all the world where civilization thrives, but the queen has a plan to do something about that.  Or rather, have her viceroy do it.  The problem with only having a single city in the whole world is that the usual perks of the landscape driving the creation of a new city aren’t there, such as the intersection of trade routes, so instead the viceroy and settlers will need to just plonk on down in a random section of the woods and make due with whatever they can find.  The humans, lizards, and beavers comprising the new settlement all have varying strengths specific to their races, and if they work together scavenging the forest, harvesting its trees, and tending the newly-opened land, they may be able to weather the stormy days ahead.

Against the Storm is a fantasy town-builder that released into Early Access on PC today, set in a familiar-but-unique fantasy world that’s got its own fair share of problems.  Each new town the viceroy sets up is located in its own randomly-generated forest, and the trick is to figure out the best way to use the resources while clearing the land and not angering the spirits too badly.  While I’ve only had a little bit of time to play one small detail cemented the game into place as something I need to dedicate more time to, and that’s how a number of basic harvesting stations have a Move function.  Stone hut mined out all the local resources?  Move it elsewhere rather than destroy/rebuild, and everyone assigned to work there travels with it.  Meanwhile the empty spot where the building was is now a perfect place to set up a new house or crafting center, meaning that as the town grows it can expand organically but with minimal fuss.  Sure, there are empty glades in the woods with resources and curses but one of the biggest enemies in any city builder is always the decisions made when the town is just starting up, and being able to rearrange rather than completely raze/rebuild helps eliminate the leftover structural weirdness from each new map’s cramped beginnings.

The new trailer for Against the Storm is an overview of the viceroy’s responsibilities, plus the rewards when things go well and consequences when they don’t.  It’s a rainy world but not necessarily a gloomy one, and the seasons of rain, rainier, and rainiest aren’t quite so bad when there’s a thriving town producing its heart out.