Legend of Legacy has a Strong Launch, Sells Through Most of its Initial Shipment

When it comes to localizing JRPGs, a lot of Japanese studios have tendency to leave money on the table. Meaning to say, we here in the West don’t always get the titles we should from the coveted makers of all things JRPG, and as a result, companies miss out on easy sales. Legend of Legacy hopefully won’t be one of those games, though. The latest 3DS JRPG released last week to fairly glowing endorsements from fans and critics alike, scoring a 34/40 in Famitsu, and has been the talk of the town within its genre’s community. While the game doesn’t bear the SaGa name per se, it was put together by many folks who worked on various SaGa games in the past, which undoubtedly has perked up many ears.

In fact, the game has been such a hit that it’s sold through 83 percent of its initial shipment, which is pretty stellar for a game with no established lineage. Moreover, it’s developer FuRyu’s best selling game at launch, having sold 53,974 copies. For a comparison, check out the launch performances of FuRyu’s previous projects.

(2011) Unchained Blades [PSP] – 18,256
(2011) Unchained Blades [3DS] – 5,592
(2011) Tsuku Monogatari [PSP] – 13,329
(2012) Unchained Blades Exxiv [PSP] – 6,793
(2012) Unchained Blades Exxiv [3DS] – 6,645
(2014) Lost Dimension [PSV] – 3,868

It’s pretty impressive that the game dwarfed that of FuRyu’s previous best-selling game by almost four times. Here’s hoping the game comes westward, as it looks to have all the charm of Bravely Default, and all the interesting mechanics of a SaGa installment.