Legend of Mana Reveals New Assets

The remaster for Legend of Mana has generated some excitement in the RPG fan community, and today it was announced that the upcoming release is now available for pre-order for Switch from Nintendo’s website, which includes some newly revealed screenshots. In Legend of Mana the player will embark on a journey to find the legendary Mana Tree after seeing it in a dream only to discover that the world is empty. The disappearance of the world seems like a good enough reasons for an adventure, as the player will encounter multiple story branches, a colorful cast of characters and face fearsome monsters in real-time combat while exploring the world of Fa’Diel.

Some other details about Legend of Mana include being able to forge their own unique equipment. Players will be able to hatch pet monsters from eggs that can support them through Synchro Effects and can be strengthened through the Ring Ring Land mini-game. Lastly, players will be able to collection magical golems that will have sustain players in combat. Legend of Mana will be available digitally for PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch on June 24 for $29.99. Players who purchase Legend of Mana before July 23 will receive an early purchase reward including ten avatars and a custom Legend of Mana theme on PlayStation 4 or Legend of Mana wallpaper on PC.